• EX-U UV disinfection equipment

    EX-U UV disinfection equipment

    The removal method of particulate matter in the manufacture of ultrapure water is generally filtration removal or adsorption removal, and the process required for different sizes of particulate matter is also different. In the traditional pure water manufacturing process, the treatment of particulate matter is generally multi-media filter (MMF) + activated carbon filter (ACF). The degree of nano-particles, and many semiconductor companies currently require the number of micro-particles (less ...
  • Total Organic Carbon degradation

    Total Organic Carbon degradation

    There are generally two sources of TOC in the ultrapure water manufacturing system: TOC contained in the raw water and TOC generated by the manufacturing system itself. The raw water is generally tap water, and the TOC will fluctuate significantly due to changes in regions, seasons, climates, etc. The TOC is lower in areas with less pollution; the TOC will rise significantly in winter; the TOC will be better than the fine weather in the rainstorm season. The TOC value of raw water generally c...
  • UV-TOC Degradation Equipment

    UV-TOC Degradation Equipment

    Description Since the raw water of ultrapure water is usually tap water, there is no TOC standard for tap water stipulated by my country’s national standard. The requirements for TOC in Table 2 are at ppb level, so the treatment of TOC also requires multi-stage process treatment to meet the water quality requirements. ACF, UF, RO and EDI all have the ability to handle TOC. Usually after these front-end treatments, the TOC is reduced to about 10~30 ppb, and then through the TOC-UV l...
  • Water treatment ultraviolet germicidal lamp

    Water treatment ultraviolet germicidal lamp

    The working principle of water treatment ultraviolet germicidal lamp is that only artificial mercury (alloy) light source can output sufficient UVC intensity for engineering disinfection. The ultraviolet sterilization lamp is made of quartz glass. The mercury lamp is divided into low-pressure low-intensity mercury lamp, medium pressure high-intensity mercury lamp and low-pressure high-intensity mercury lamp according to the difference in the vapor pressure of mercury in the lamp and the output intensity of the ultraviolet lamp.


  • MicroOzone  120g/H

    MicroOzone 120g/H

    Description Micro series miniaturized ozone generators are small in size and moderate in weight, and can be placed flexibly according to requirements; the fan adopts axial design, which has better air passage, which can effectively reduce the output attenuation of the system due to heating; the operating environment is loose; Low power and low power consumption. Micro series ozone generators have excellent product performance of ultra-high concentration, ultra-wide output range, ultra-lo...
  • 400g Ozone generator

    400g Ozone generator

    Description Ozone generator is a special equipment that produces ozone by ionizing oxygen to produce electrochemical reaction through high voltage discharge technology. The oxidizing power of ozone is second only to that of fluorine, and it can react with many inorganic and organic substances. It has high killing rate and fast speed for bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and completely removes pollutants such as organic compounds without secondary pollution. It is an “idea...
  • MicroOzone miniaturized ozone products

    MicroOzone miniaturized ozone products

    Description Our miniaturized ozone products are specialized products that meet the needs of customers for high concentration, small volume, and easy operation and maintenance. The output range is between 0-100g/h, divided into two types: water and cold; various models.Micro plate series ozone generator adopts high-frequency micro-gap discharge technology. The discharge plate is made of ceramic substrates with high dielectric constant, high thermal conductivity and good compactness. The e...
  • Ozone generator cooling method and application field

    Ozone generator cooling method and application field

    Ozone generator is a device used to produce ozone gas (O3). For ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored, it needs to be produced and used on site (short-term storage can be realized under some special circumstances). Therefore, ozone generator should be used in all places where ozone can be used.

  • Application fields of ozone generation system

    Application fields of ozone generation system

    The ozone generation system uses oxygen (or liquid oxygen) from the oxygen generator as the feed gas to generate ozone on site. This kind of ozone is suitable for many applications, such as wastewater and sewage treatment, cooling tower water treatment, bottled water, pulp bleaching, etc.

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