Qiyang county organic town wastewater treatment facilities (recent) construction projects

Project name Equipment procurement and installation works of Qiyang county organic town wastewater treatment facilities (recent) construction projects
Recommended organization Beijing Onyx Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Participation link Equipment supply, installation and commissioning
Project location Qiyang County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province

Project overview

1) Construction of project

The Project consists of two wastewater treatment plants in villages and towns container integration and supporting equipment in Huangnitang Town and Qiliqiao Town, with treatment capacities of 500 m³/d and 600 m³/d respectively.

The project was started in October 2020, and will be completed and put into operation around March 2021.

2) Operation and management of the project

At present, all stations of this batch of projects have been operated and managed by personnel. At present, the equipment in each station is in normal operation, and the effluent meets the discharge standards (level I class A discharge standard in urban).

Due to application of Onyx's energy saving and consumption reducing products (container integrated equipment), the energy consumption of the whole plant is relatively low, about 0.34~0.5 kw·h/t (in which, the ton water and electricity consumption of containers is about 0.2~0.27 kw·h/t).

Demonstration significance of the project

The implementation of this project  solves the current situation of rural domestic sewage treatment in Huangnitang Town and Qiliqiao Town of Qiyang County, improves the local ecological environment, and receives praise from local residents at the same time. The design of the wastewater treatment plant is reasonable, the appearance is uniform and tidy, and it is a beautiful scenery line.

The successful operation of the project has reduced local water's pollutant emissions, improved the water environment and achieved the goal of sustainable development of the environment.

Our company has performed well in the wastewater treatment facilities construction project of townships in Hunan Province, won unanimous praise from the local government, and was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Labor Team".

Introduction to project highlights

(1) Implementation effect

For the standardized design and construction is adopted, the process, equipment and appearance of the wastewater treatment facilities for the (recent) project in organic town, Qiyang County are standardized, uniform, clean and refreshing. Due to the standard integrated design, the equipment has been integrated and delivered by standardized production in the workshop, so that the load of civil works of the project is greatly reduced, and the construction period is shortened. At the same time, due to the reduction of load of civil works, disturbance to local residents caused by construction vehicles, machinery and so on shall be significantly decreased.

With the smart design of equipment structure, the unattended operation shall be realized. Operation mode - "intelligent" customization. It is to select the appropriate operation mode for different treatment scenarios to ensure that the discharge of sewage can meet the standard at all times.

(2) Social benefit

The completion and operation of this project provide a solid guarantee for the protection and improvement of the regional ecological environment and the improvement of the broad masses' production and life;The living environment of the surrounding villages and towns has been improved.

(3) Ecological benefit

The Project serves the surrounding villages and towns, protects the water body and ecological environment of the surrounding river basin, reduces the cost of environmental protection and maintains the ecological balance.

Introduction to project technology/equipment

 (1) Name of Technical Process/Equipment

SATBR bio-chemical process

 (2) Technology/Principle of Equipment

Name: AO+MBBR+cloth filter+ultraviolet disinfection

Principle: with the combined process of anoxic/aerobic activated sludge method and biofilm process adopted, microorganism shall grow on MBBR filler and shall have high resistance to impact load. At the same time, gas stripping technology shall be adopted for sludge and nitrification liquid reflux, and oxygen-deficient mixing to effectively save energy consumption.

 (3) Technology/features of equipment

With SATBR treatment process as the core technology, aiming at the main difficulties of rural/township integrated sewage treatment projects (scattered projects, large fluctuations in water quality and water volume, difficult operation and maintenance, high energy consumption), and relying on the advantages of its patented technology, standardized design and automatic intelligent operation, the equipment operation is under real-time monitoring and uploaded to the cloud control system to achieve centralized and unified management.

The gas stripping technology is used for sludge and nitrification liquid reflux and anoxic stirring to effectively save energy consumption; The depth filtration is realized by full-automatic cloth filter, which can effectively save energy consumption compared with the traditional sand filtration; At the same time, it is presented in the form of highly integrated all-in-one equipment, effectively reducing the land occupation.

The 100 m³/d container equipment of our company participates in the domestic sewage integrated equipment test activities organized by Hunan Province. The equipment operation runs stably, the water output effect is reliable, and the system is unattended; All the effluent sampling taken by qualified third-party testing institutions appointed by the organizing committee meet the level A effluent index, and the compliance rate of all instantaneous and average indicators is 100%;In terms of energy consumption, the average power consumption per ton of water of our testing equipment is only 0.21 kw · h/t, and the comprehensive conversion operation cost is RMB 0.192/t (including power cost, agent cost and full life cycle consumables cost, excluding the cost of water inflow lifting, sludge disposal, labor, maintenance and repair). The energy consumption index is far better than those of other testing manufacturers.

 (4) Photographs of plant area/project site/process equipment


(5) Photographs of plant area/project site/process equipment


True View of Project Site

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